Large wizard staff


Here is another elegant Balsam Fir staff. It stands 71-1/2" tall and the shaft ranges from 1-1/8" to 2" in diameter. It has a straight shaft with a small sweeping curve before the roots. The roots of this one are pretty flat. It was growing on top of a large buried rock. They barely fit in an 8" by 8" box, but the are only about 3" in height. This was harvested and stripped yesterday (8/12/21 for reference) and weighs 3# 12 ozs. Like all of the balsams and poplars it will lose significant weight and almost feel like it is made out of foam when it fully seasons. Currently it has little sharp pin knots on the shaft because the bark mostly peeled without a drawknife. Do with it as you wish, just don't seal it until it dries out.(ufws120) Update: this is fully dried
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