Large wizard staff

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This is another funky birch staff with an actual root "ball" complete with sharp, pointy nodes. The roots that emerge from this one are a little more narrow from one view, occupying a space about 7" by 10" by 9" tall. The root "ball" is about 3-1/2". The shaft has a few gentle curves and it ranges from 1-5/16" to 2" in diameter. This one was dug and peeled on 8/10/21, and three days later it weighs 4#4ozs (for reference.) This one will lose substantial weight when it fully dries and shouldn't be sealed until then. (ufws116)
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Great base for those who want to finish on their own. I used some 40 grit sandpaper to smooth off the surface. Packaging was well thought out and effective in protecting the staff.

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