Large wizard staff


Here is another (graceful) Balsam Fir. This one is more two dimensional than others. The root that balanced it visually was rotted hece it was shaved off with the drawknife. This one doesn't have a cradle but it does have a saddle that you could probably mount a shy 2" sphere on. It stands 71" tall and weighs 2# 7ozs. The shaft goes from 1-1/4" to 2" in diameter. The two dimensional roots occupy a space about 7" by 11" by 6" high. It was harvested and stripped of bark on 8/6/21, and six days later it weighs 2# 7ozs. It'll still lose more weight and shouldn't be sealed until it dries out. It is a raw material so use it as you wish.(ufws115)
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