Large wizard staff


Love this one for the nubs and the simplicity. It is a poplar staff with a sparse horizontal root structure and really cool scarred over dead branch nubs. I have no clue why this species does this. The lower porrion of the staff has 13 nubs and above the grip area ther are 7 smaller nubs. It stands 71-1/2" tall and ranges in diameter from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4". The large horizontal portion has five stubby roots that have shaved nearly off due the shipping constraints as well as two small roots. Poplar absorbs wood stain in a very monotone, deep color. It would probably be excellent for watercolor as well. This was harvested a few weeks ago and on 8/7/21 it weighs 4#. Being poplar it'll lose a lot more weight and it shouldn't be sealed until it does. (ufws104) Update: this one is well seasoned
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