Large wizard staff

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This is an inverted Birch tree leader with a nice cluster of four branches and a fork on the top. The fork was cut into the trunk to make the staff (or broom) look more authentic. In between the fork tines is a space about 1"+ wide by 3" high, ideal to leave or strap in a shard of stone. It stands 71-1/2" tall and the shaft ranges from 1" to 2" in diameter. The shaft has some pointed branch nubs on it as well. The main branches occupy a volume of roughly 8" by 5" by 15" tall. It was harvested and stripped of bark on 7/1/21 and five days later it weighs 3# 8ozs. It'll lose more weight over time as the moisture balances with the atmosphere. It may develop some cracks in the process so don't be alarmed. It would be ideal to customize, just don't seal it until it is seasoned.(ufws76) Update: well seasoned now
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