Large wizard staff


Here is a wicked curvy staff out of birch or cherry. It stands 71" tall and the shaft ranges from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" in diameter. It has two neat little 1/4"(+/-) holes that go through it from roots that were present from neighboring trees. It choked them out and simply left a hole where they were. The root mass is about 7" by 7" by 9" tall and the whole staff barely fits in an 8" square box due to how crooked the shaft is. This was harvested near the middle of July, and on August 1 of '21 it weighs 4# 13 ozs. It'll take a few months to dry down to a point where it can be sealed. In the meanwhile it can be worked and customized as you will.(ufws91)
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