Large wizard staff


Here is another funky Birch staff with sharp root nodes but it is smaller in dimension than the last couple I have posted. The prickly ball is about 3-1/2" by 4" by 3" high. The roots that radiate out of the ball occupy a space of about 7" by 8" by 7" high. The staff stands 71-1/2" tall and the shaft varies from 1-1/8" to 1-3/4" in diameter. The shaft does have evidence of a few bark borers that left tracks and it does have slight kinks along its length. The nodules are incredibly pointed and sharp, almost a weapon on their own. You can see in the last two pics that the top-most fork has a stress crack down the center of the wye. It might open up a little more as it dries, but it won't separate. There is also some ground in dirt and gray areas from working it wet with iron tools. When it dries out these will mostly sand out. This was harvested and peeled a few days ago, and on 7/30/21 it still weighs 3# 6ozs (for reference). It will lose a lot more weight when fully seasoned. Do with it as you wish, it is a raw material, just don't season it until it is fully dried.(ufws89)
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