Unfinished walking stick


I am not sure what category this belongs in. It is crooked for sure. It would be suitable for cosplay as well as a whimsical walking stick. I say whimsical because a straight walking stick would be more sure footed in harder terrain. The wood is actually the crooked trunk of a Mountain Holly. In the Adirondacks it typically grows in wetland and is considered a shrub and not actually a tree. Due to this there are no specs detailing the characteristics of the wood but it seems pretty stiff and strong. It stands just shy of 5' tall and the crooked shaft ranges in diameter from 1" to 1-1/2". It barely fits in a 6" square box. The ends of the staff are not squared off. It was harvested and stripped on 6/20/21 and three days later it weighs 2# 3 ozs. It already has some good drying splits started but it will still lose more weight before it stabilizes with the relative humidity. Use it as is or customize it, just don't seal it until it is fully seasoned.(zzws)
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