Large wizard staff


Here is an alternative idea for a staff or broom. Instead of my typical sapling with a root ball I harvested the top of a Tamarack with a dead leader. It stands 6' tall and the only living fresh wood on it is where the branches project. Past the branches the entire shaft is dead wood. The dead portion ranges in color from a driftwood gray to a brown. The gray areas were devoid of bark, and the brown patches still had decaying bark intact. The shaft has nice subtle curves as well as neat old scars where the tree was wounded and healed over. It ranges in diameter from 1-1/4" to 2". This barely fits in an 8" square box and the projecting branches occupy about a foot in height. The branches themselves range from 1/4" in diameter up to 1-1/4". The two main branches are just over 6" long. This was cut on 6/23/21 and weighs 3#6ozs. It will lose some more moisture weight but not as much since most of the length was dry and dead. As visible in the pics it has some good heart splits to add to the character, and anticipate they will probably get larger as it dries. It has also been lightly sanded to remove the sharp pin knots and the branches have facets from being stripped with a drawknife. Use this as is or customize it, just don't seal it until it is well seasoned. Update: this is well seasoned. Please note that the dead wood is still very structural but it will not be as strong as a solid living version.(ufws75)
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