Unfinished cane


Here is another minimalist softwood cane very similar to another listing here, maybe a hair smaller. It is a balsam fir with a natural root curve that makes a perfect arched grip that seats in the palm of your hand. It does jog to the side but it returns as well so it has a nice weight transfer path. It is 36" tall , currently weighs 12 ozs. and the shaft varies in diameter from 7/8" to 1-1/4". The oblong cross-section of the grip is about 1-3/4" across at the widest. Like the other cane this one has divets and outlines on the grip from where the other roots emerged. This has been peeled with a drawknife and rough sanded. It has subtle facets from the knife still present. A rubber tip is not included. All it needs is a light sanding and some customization to make it special. It is suitable for average or lighter individuals.(uc18)
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