Unfinished Cane


This is another wood cane blank waiting to be finished. I believe it is a birch with a small girdled spot...sometimes I forget to label them when they still have bark. It is a nice classic shape although the grip jogs a little at the top as visible in the pictures. The jog doesn't seem to hinder the functionality and may almost aid it. The small girdled wound apparently spread a little early decay inside the shaft as evidenced by the darker streaks on it. It is very structural regardless and the dark streaks add character. It is 36-1/2" tall and ranges in diameter from 1-1/8" to 1-3/4". It was harvested and peeled on 5/5/21 and a week later it weighs 1# 7 ozs. Ironically it is very similar to shape to one that is also listed. This is a raw material with subtle drawknife facets from being peeled. It'll need some finish sanding and whatever king of personal touches you want to add. Make sure to dry out a little before you seal it. A rubber cane tip is not included.(uc20) Update: it is fully dried
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