Large wizard staff


This is a tasteful Yellow Birch staff with a root mass. Not too overdone and not too heavy. Yellow Birch is a favorite specie of mine. When you strip the bark it has a nice almost spearmint smell, and larger trees have redder heartwood. This staff is a shy 69" tall and the shaft ranges from 1" to 1-3/4" in diameter. The root mass occupies a volume of about 8" by 9" by 6" high. It has nice subtle curves along with a "fang" from a dead branch that I sheared off with a drawknife during the peeling process. The fang even has a nice color break line from being dead. This was harvested on 6/3/21 and stripped and weighed a day later at 3# 3 ozs. It will probably lose a third more of its weight when it is fully seasoned. Use it as is or customize it as you see fit, just hold off on the sealer until it is fully dry..(ufws66)
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