Unfinished Cane


Here is a classic birch walking cane blank. It is a naturally curved sapling that was harvested on 5/5/21 and the bark was stripped with a drawknife. The shape is very utilitarian. There is a slight curve in the shaft and the grip has a slight jog to the side, but the load transfer path is straight and the grip is pretty flat. It is 36" tall and ranges from 1" to 1-3/4" in diameter. At present, a week after harvest, it weighs 1#2ozs. It'll lighten up more when fully seasoned. This is a rough material with drawknife facets and some cambium. You'll want to hand sand it to soften the edges and wait a little while before you seal it. It does not come with a rubber cane tip.(uc19) Update: it is well seasoned
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