Unfinished cane


This is another perfectly shaped, unfinished walking cane. It has a nice array of colors on the grip from a hard,windy existence. When sealed with an oil-base finished these colors will be gorgeous. This one is fresh and was harvested and stripped on 5/7/21. It does have a small drying crack on the grip, it may open up more or that might be all it does. Worse case scenario is you have to fill it with epoxy before you seal it, but I don't expect it to open much more. A week after harvest it weighs 12 ozs. It stands 36" tall and ranges from a small 9/16 to 1-1/4" in diameter. It is best suited to a lighter individual. A rubber tip is not included. It will need finish sanding and a sealer of some sort... and a touch of personalization.(uc16)
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